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Excellent delivery, I ordered on Friday and I just got it. 10 Points to you TSU.

Matthew ParkerJohannesburg

Best shave I have ever had, smooth like a babies bum

Shane Van VuurenAlberton

Signed up and blades delivered the next day. For a fraction of the cost of buying elsewhere.

Nick MckenzieJohannesburg

For me it's a good product and I'm still using my first blade after four weeks. Good buy, close shaving :)

Paul van der HeeverCenturion

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Choose your plan, we’ll deliver the blades and handle (free, duh), try it, love it.


We’ll regularly send you fresh, sharp blades according to your schedule. Shave. Save. Shweet


Change or cancel your plan at any time. No contracts, no obligations that’s how we roll.

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The Cutting Edge

Perfection isn’t easily obtained. This supreme piece of shaving science comes to you straight from the world’s leading labs, and we haven’t cut any corners (although we could’ve - corners are no match for these blades). This really is it, the best, perfection, the shave you’ll tell your grandkids about. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and discover why we call this The Cutting Edge.

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The Boss Lady

Why do men’s razors get all the powerful, inspiring names that make you feel like you could run a successful business with a single shave? Do they realise how much more time, effort, strategic planning and flawless execution it takes to get your legs that smooth? Everyone knows women make better leaders anyway, and this system is made for the leading lady.

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