Changing The Way Africa Shaves

For years, South African men have had to choose between over-priced razors that disrespect our intelligence – or poor quality razors that disrespect our face. That’s why we created The Shave Union. Imagine, blades of unsurpassed quality at a price that’s 40% less than blades of similar quality. Delivered free on your schedule. Gentlemen, get ready to enjoy shaving

The Shave Union Founding Team

Frustrated by overpriced razors and the process of buying them, John and Chris felt "there had to be a better way." They scoured the planet for the world’s best razor blades. We believe we have found just that, a great product, at a great price... Delivered free always of course.

The Shave Union Is Born.
Back in October of 2016 John and Chris were the first customers and love the shave. They’re confident you will, too.