We seem to be in a constant state of flux nowadays. Constantly seeking the freshest and most exciting trends, often losing interest in existing things rather quickly as a result.

Social media reminds of this, numerous things ‘must fall’ on a monthly basis, or someone must be out of a job in a sporting sense.

Is Movember still a thing?


“Is Movember still a thing?” was something I heard in passing this week, and it made me stop and think. Of course it is, mostly because it was never just ‘a thing’.

Movember was never about trending, or gathering ‘Likes’. It was about creating a movement where people couldn’t just become aware about unique men’s health issues, but also provide a platform to support those who needed it in one way or another.

Sure, for some Movember has always just been an excuse to grow a mustache and pretend they are Magnum P.I for a month, but at the heart of this great cause has always been a greater meaning.

Where it all began


Started back in 2003 in Australia to raise awareness for prostrate and testicular cancer, the movement has grown into a truly global one today. Off-shoots and adaptations of Movember or ‘No-Shave November’ have developed globally over the years, but essentially here in South Africa it is about starting the month of November clean shaven, and growing a ‘mo’ from there.

The idea of having a ‘mo’ or ‘mustache’ is so that people get talking about the Movember movement, and develop a wider understanding of the cancers that are cutting men down in their primes. Healthy, normal active men like you and your friends.

There has long been a stigma around so-called ‘mens’ illnesses’, and for so long they were just never spoken about, or avoided until it was too late. Cancer continues to grow as a threat to life as we know it, but through early detection and the right medical help, these life threatening diseases are preventable and manageable.

We of course know this in today’s information heavy world we live in, but how often do we need a timely reminder amidst all the other noise out there about living our best lives!

Everyone seems to have a cancer story nowadays. Be it direct or indirect in nature, and it is becoming a little scary how widespread it is becoming. and how age means very little to the disease. This is just one side of the story though, and with more and more people getting behind the Movember movement, and supporting what it stands for each November, we all stand a better chance of counter-acting these sobering statistics.

Movember is empower men


Movember has become something to empower men to lead better, healthier and longer lives. Empowering them to take control of their future’s health wise, and encourage others to do the same. Globally the Movember Foundation has made great strides in bringing together top medical minds from around the world to formulate unique programmes to fight the threats facing men today, and with more support and funding, they will only go on to break new ground.

From physical to mental health, the Movember movement continues to recognize that modern day man is exposed to numerous other potential hazards. Mental health is again a sensitive subject, and often something that is brushed over, or deemed too embarrassing to discuss. It really shouldn’t be though, as the stresses and strains of this ever competitive world will take its toll on you in one way or another. The important thing is to know you always have a support system, and like minded people to help you before things get too serious.

So yes, Movember is still a thing. In fact it’s more of ‘a thing’ than ever so get on board and show your support for all that it represents.

Do your bit to change the face of Men’s Health by signing up as a Mo Bro (or Mo Sista) at www.movember.com. Everything you need to know about Movember is there too, so get on it, and tell your friends to do the same.

Proceeds from the sale of The Shave Union razors in the month of November will go to the Movember Foundation.