Throughout the years some pretty stupid sayings have gone mainstream.

“Break a leg…”

“You’ve brought the weather with you…”

“Hear it straight from the horses mouth…”

Structurally compromised limbs will not make you perform better at anything, weather cannot be carried on your person, and horses can’t talk!

Another pointless saying is “put your best foot forward…”

Feet are essentially identical, well unless you have missing toes or a nasty rash on one of them. Otherwise it matters not which foot you put forward, and what are you doing that requires the movement of a single foot for something worthwhile to materialize???

What about your face though? Why don’t us men put our best faces forward?

We spend so much time on building muscles, smelling nice, wearing cool clothes, and refining fancy hairdos, but what about our actual faces?

Our faces are pretty much the most important things about us in day to day life. This is the area where speech comes from, It plays a part in distinguishing us from other people, and it’s essentially what we engage and impress people with.

How often do you exfoliate though? What’s your daily moisturizing game like? Are you having facials?

For some men, I just used words that made them feel a little uneasy. I’m going to be honest with you here though, I’m not looking to make friends with this article. I’m looking to bring radiance and youth back into your life, and this is a reality if you embrace the facial.

What is a facial?

Well depending on your internet browser history, this could mean a variety of things. Let’s get clinical here though, a facial is simply a beauty treatment for the face which includes massage and the application of cosmetic creams to improve ones aesthetics and skin quality.

Sounds like a bit of a mouthful, but it’s something you need to get your head around as it needs to be something you do regularly.

Why exactly should men get facials?

Many men feel facials are only for women, but it is the less fairer sex that needs them most. Men are historically more outdoorsy than women so therefore suffer more from sun expose. Machoism also leads to neglecting sunblock application here heightening the problem.

Regular shaving also puts the face under pressure, then there is the added testosterone that men produce which creates more oil in the pores. Oil that could clog those pores if not tended to, resulting in awful things like pimples and blackheads.

The cleaning and soothing of wear and tear aside, facials also deal with the problem of excessively dry or oily skin. In the hands of a qualified beautician, you can really improve on a less than fantastic appearance, and you will feel so much better too.

Smoother face, smoother shave.

When your face is bumpy and blemished, your shaving experience is going to be a little more uncomfortable than it should be. We just spoke about pimples and blackheads caused by clogged pores. When you shave over those, you are playing your part in a vicious circle where there really are no winners. Smooth them all out with a facial though, and that blade is going to glide like never before.

So now that I have put your mind at ease with facials, it’s time to go and book yourself one. It only takes one to understand why they are vital, and only one to realize that your best face is something that can become a reality rather than just a rare moment when you catch your reflection in a shop window and don’t mind what you see. 

It’s also a great time out from everyday hassles, so get to it.