When you get into your thirties, especially the latter stages of them, there are certain things you should know about.

The internet is full of lists revealing such things, but as they are mostly written by ‘creative types’ that rarely go outside, I’m going to refrain from delving into such a thing and cut right to something important.


Yeah, perhaps not the sexist of topics, or something you will see being discussed in celebrity interviews on the red carpet, but as a guy, especially a guy past his mid 30s, testosterone is something you should really know a lot about.

Much like cars, you know we all start to fall apart a bit once we get to a certain stage of maturity. Well in many cases this is because we start to lose testosterone, and when that starts to happen you need to be worried.

Testosterone is the base of all masculinity. Without it, we as guys are pretty much on a slippery slope to the human scrapheap. Everything important in your life like sex drive, lean muscle mass, bone density, energy levels, general mood… it all comes from testosterone. Men have become men over the years (for better and worse) all because of testosterone, yet we don’t seem to care too much about it.

Well, that changes right now.

Acknowledge the threats

Men are losing testosterone faster than ever nowadays. Modern life with its day to day stresses and poor nutritional choices are responsible for this, so you need to be conscious of everything you do.

Low testosterone levels will cause you to gain unsightly weight in the stomach area, will cause mood swings and depression, prevent you from building and maintaining lean muscles mass, and lower your sex drive.

Sad couple having an argument lying on bed

These are just the day to day downers. Keep losing testosterone and things can get a little more serious for you. Heart diseases, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis… I take it by now I have really grabbed your attention?

Here’s more. As we continue to get older, the little testosterone that is produced is converted to estrogen and that means we get more emotional, and softer in pretty much all ways. Let’s also throw prostrate cancer in here too. Most suffering from this have very low levels of testosterone.

Get tested

The first step towards preventing/limiting the above is to go see your doctor. They can test to see what is happening with your testosterone levels plus other related vitals, and what the best move would be if they are low.

There are various treatments that you can now get to get your levels back to where they should be. In extreme cases you can get weekly injections, but this should always be a last resort.

Lifestyle changes to adopt

The best thing would be to naturally keep you testosterone in check by altering your lifestyle, that way it will be manageable and put you in a better place for the foreseeable future.

Get more sleep

No brainer really as your testosterone levels rise as you sleep, so getting that much fabled 8 hours must become a reality.

- Skip the stress

Stress may be fashionable nowadays to validate our positions in the work place, but its a testosterone killer. Work smarter, not harder, and find ways of eliminating this dreadful feature in life once and for all.

- Stop smoking (obviously)

The last person to look cool smoking a cigarette was Humphrey Bogart in the movie Casablanca. That was the 1940s, it is now 2017 and we should all know better.

- Do some weights

Weight training is a life essential for so many reasons, maintaining testosterone being one of them. Much like quitting smoking, it is imperative that you start doing things like squats and deadlifts. These exercises will improve your life.

- Branch Chain Amino Acids

If you are going to start doing more weight training, it’s important that you incorporate the BCAAs. Vegans will dispute this, but basically whey proteins, dairy and meats give you good BCAAs, and with it help the testosterone cause.

- Get more of the D

Vitamin D that is. You can take it as a supplement, or simply just get outdoors more. We get a great deal of the stuff with exposure to the sun (with caution), so embrace it when you can.

- Learn what a lean diet is about

We know we have to lose weight, but doing it is another thing completely. Exercise is a wonderful and essential thing, but the real weight lose comes from eating properly, and by properly I’m talking about cutting back on carbs and the trans fats. Basically all the comfort foods, they need to be subbed for lean proteins, and good fats. These foods will help the testosterone cause so it is worth seeing a dietician on this.

- Plastic is a problem

It is everywhere, but try avoid plastic as much as you can when it comes to what you eat and drink out of. The chemical BPA found in plastic is full of estrogen, and though you do get good quality plastic that is reusable and safe, just try avoid contact with the substance as much as you can.

Now that you know all about the importance of testosterone and how vital it is to safeguard it, get busy with making the changes you need so you can be the best possible you at whatever age.