The winter weekend away

I’ve been listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye recently. I’m not sure how this started, but in a time of music mostly losing its substance and definitely its sensuality, I have been going with it.

That guy had it all. Presence, cool and truck loads of sex appeal. I shudder to think how he dealt with all the female attention in his prime. Every time he ventured out onto stage you could cut the sexual tension with a bread knife. He had what the rest of us mortals could only dream of.

Though you may never have Marvin Gaye like abilities, there are still things at your disposal to impress that special someone. Something that is certainly needed when you are in a relationship. Couples go through dips, all of them in their own way, and the winter months can often exaggerate such things. That is why you need to invest in a winter weekend getaway.

A relationship trump card that is at your disposal right now. Whether you are in a new relationship looking for some fresh fun, or a long term one that needs a little shake up.

Make winters sexy again

When summer comes to an end, us humans tend to get a little glum. We concede that our favorite time of year is done and that we now have to survive an uncomfortable stretch until it returns again. This shouldn’t be the case of course, as winter brings with it its own charms and opportunities.

Red wine, comfort food, fire places, watching movies on the couch, sleeping in and enjoying some quality alone time. Screw summer, this is actually the sexy season of the year. Taking a weekend winter getaway reminds you of all this, and makes you wonder why you never did more of these in the past.

Back to basics

You may take this for granted, but nowadays we all try so hard at everything in life. It is the way of the internet age, so much so that we battle to truly relax and enjoy ourselves. The winter weekend getaway allows us to get back to basics.

Couple Walking Dog Through Winter Woodland

Long conversations by the previously mentioned fire place, long walks in new surroundings where you can actually take in a bit of nature, and the chance to pile on the warm clothes which cuts out all the fuss of looking good like in summer.

Value for money

Winter is often low season for many places of travel interest, so provided you are venturing out away from school/public holidays, the places you choose for your winter weekend getaway will also provide great value for money.

You can often get great all inclusive deals at places that involve hearty meals, so it really can be just about what your wine selection will be when it comes to pre trip prep.

A break from the norm

We prioritize summer getaways so often that winters do become such drab affairs. Even if you get away just once during these months, it will make a huge difference. Experiencing something new may even make the rest of the season more bearable at home, inspiring you into doing more in the kitchen, or even encouraging you to seek fun day time adventures.

These are all great for couples as it distracts you from perhaps not looking your best in the colder months.

Make a list

This all sounds great in theory, but now it comes down to the application. As a couple what you need to do to get started is put a list together right now. Jot down the kind of things you want your winter weekend getaway to involve. So whether it be a fireplace, an opportunity for some hiking, wildlife spotting, river sun rises… get it all down. It gives you a practical start point, and also provides a fun activity on an ordinarily average week night.

Once you agree on a few fundamental elements, then you narrow things down geographically where you wish list can come to life. There are so many sites online to help you do this, and you may even be able to coincide the getaway with a local festival or two.

So embrace the winter rather than trying to survive it. And there may even be a moment where you can pop some Marvin Gaye on in the background for good measure.