For some people a trip to the beach is all about soaking up some sun and enjoying a good book. For others though, those who get a little restless after sitting still for 5 minutes (most guys), you are going to want to play a game or do an activity of some sort.

Naturally there are the obvious favorites of body boarding, surfing and all that, but let’s focus on the actual ‘beach based’ things here, and the pros and cons of them.



What you need: The classic flying disc can’t just be any old piece of plastic, you are going to need something weighing 140g at the very least. Then you will need a decent bit of space without too many people around you.

Pros: Not too much running, fun to let something fly in a variety of ways and a great two player game.

Cons: You may hit someone in the head with a throw that has gone a little off course. This could lead to injury, not just to the person hit by your frisbee, but also to you from an angry boyfriend/dad.

Touch Rugby


What you need: A rugby ball, a fair amount of open sand and at least three people a side.

Pros: Good exercise, great game if you are going to the beach with a few friends and you will look better than the Springboks right now by just passing and catching a ball.

Cons: 98% of all touch rugby games have too many people and not enough space, so basically it is just grown men churning up sand, shouting at each other and touching each other while trying unsuccessfully to break into a sprint.

Beach volleyball


What you need: A big beach volleyball net, a volley ball, a fair amount of space and at least two people per side.

Pros: Great team game to play mixing skill and stamina.

Cons: It’s just too bloody difficult for your average beach goer. It’s one thing to serve the ball, but then controlling the serve and trying to set someone up to spike the ball is basically impossible. Unless everyone knows what they are doing, it just becomes a pointless game of tennis, but instead of racquets, you have unskilled arms just hitting an oversized ball in strange directions.

Fetch with your dog


What you need: A dog, a tennis ball, or suitable object your dog is comfortable grabbing with their mouth.

Pros: Dogs are cool, and anything that involves a dog is a win. You get to give you best friend a good exercise, and also meet girls as you ‘accidentally’ toss the ball near them for your cute pooch to go and interact with them during retrieval.

Cons: Some dogs aren’t into fetching things, which is problematic. This activity can also get rather repetitive for you, but stopping the game and breaking the heart of an excited dog isn’t exactly easy.

Sand castle building


What you need: Sand.

Pros: If you have the ability to create something amazing, this is a very rewarding activity and one that will create quite a lot of attention from other beach goers. You may even make some new friends looking to lend a hand in creating your castle.

Cons: If you don’t have the ability to create something amazing, you are just playing with sand really, and this could look a little sad. If it is just you doing this by yourself too, well it could confirm that you may not have any friends, or are an actual threat to unmonitored children.

Skim cricket


What you need: A ball that skims well off water, a cricket bat, at least three people.

Pros: In knee high water a great game of cricket can take place with fast short pitch bowling coming from a ball flying off the glistening surface. Spectacular catches from behind the batsmen make for perhaps the best of beach games known to man.

Cons: Very few. Someone may hit the ball onto the beach or out to see, but just make the rule that the batsman has to fetch such an error, and all is well

Beach bats


What you need: Two beach bats, a ball, minimum of two players

Pros: An all engaging game that doesn’t need much space. Great in developing hand-eye co-ordination, good core exercise if you can keep the rallies up.

Cons: Unless you are playing with skilled people, beach bats can quite quickly become a game of ‘picking the ball up from the sand’.

Skim boarding

What you need: A skim board

Pros: A new beach sport that could be one of the coolest things you can do on the beach. It’s like surfing, but without all the paddling and admin of worrying about choosing waves. I mean just look at how cool this guy makes it look!

Cons: If you are looking to embarrass yourself at the beach, this is sure fire way of doing it. Skim boarding will be very difficult unless you have a history of skate boarding, surfing, snowboarding or at the very least impeccable balance. You may also murder an innocent child when the board flies from underneath you. Ultimately there is a very good chance you will be like this guy when you try skim boarding.

Happy Summer Holidays!