Shave Stories with Tol A$$ Mo

To each and every one of us shaving is something different. It’s not just about keeping yourself neat and tidy, presentable or anything like that. It talks about who we are as people a lot of the time, and for TouchCentral’s morning man and all round entertainer Tol A$$ Mo, shaving is a world of wonder waiting for you to discover here.

What was your first shaving experience?

My first shaving experience, oh my gosh, it was major league. It was very very terrible. When I was a teenager (in boarding school) I got ‘pubic hair’ under my arms and in my genitalia region. I left it for a while, but it was starting to look like the Wolverine down there, it was very bad. So I decided to shave, but I used one of those normal Bic razors, you know the one blade, the disposable one.

I shaved my armpits, and I shaved my private area, and then the next day, oh gosh I was itching everywhere. I didn’t use shaving cream or anything fancy like that, just the sunlight soap bar, bam bam, I hit the hot spots and away I went.

The thing I didn’t realize back then was that you get ingrown hairs if you don’t shave properly. So I was just going like a samurai, I wasn’t going with the grain or anything like that. It was bad.

When you hear the phrase ‘shaving’ now, what comes to mind?

When you say shaving, it’s something I look forward to. I love my small mustache, but I’m not blessed with a full beard. I just have this small-anyana piece goatee that I get rid of all the time as it doesn’t grow together, so I shave that off.

But my moustache is what I treasure the most, I love it. Sometimes I grow it out very big but my wife complains as she hates my kisses then because I’m pricking her, so I bring it down just a little bit with a side trim and that’s how I handle it.

Do you still think beards are fashionable and good ideas for men in 2017?

Definitely. All my friends have beards and I definitely have beard envy as a result. I wish I could have a full manly, Rick Ross, type of beard.

In the salon they say to you that you can encourage the hair growth by shaving regularly where you don’t have much hair.

What’s your take on men shaving their legs and other non-face areas?

Well ever since my first experience, I obviously don’t like shaving in those other areas anymore. My wife introduced me to waxing which sorts that out now thankfully. But a lot of men have embraced their metrosexuality when that became a thing, so now a lot of guys are shaving their legs but you can’t be walking around with these virgin shaved legs.

As a guy you must have the hairy legs, the hairy arms, the hairy ch… Okay, not so many women like the hairy chest. You see when us black people get the hairy chest it doesn’t look nice, you look like Shaka Zulu, and it’s not a good look. It’s because it curls up into little curls, almost like the rice crispies all scattered over your chest, and the ladies don’t like it so the guys wax or shave it off.

There are these ‘other’ guys I know though, and they are certainly shaving quite a lot nowadays. Some of my more gentle brothers are shaving everything and I always think, oh my gosh, how did you get that blade in there! It’s very dangerous, it’s like trying to jump over a wall with an electric fence, and then you make it, but there is a pit bull in the yard. That’s what it’s like, but if this is what you like then come on with it.

What are your thoughts on shaving when it comes to the ladies?

Very important. I’m a very sensual guy but I came from the townships so I only discovered things like oral sex when I got to university and you know, started seeing caucasians and doing funny things. It was weird, like what is a blow job, what is a muff? It’s when you get to understand the importance of foreplay you realize that a woman (like a man) has to be shaven all the time. I mean having pubic hairs stuck in between your teeth is not a nice sensation, it’s not sexy.

Sometimes you can leave a nice runway strip, or even like a nice little arrow head, but overall it’s very important to be shaved. It’s really just about doing the right thing. They can have the hair on the arms, African women generally don’t have a lot of hair on the legs, but they should shave there too.

I make sure I always keep it nice and sensual by taking my wife to the spa so she can get everything waxed, plus the manicure and pedicure. This is all very important.

For day to day requirements, would you mind if your wife used your razor?

Yes I would definitely mind! You know she is not going to clean the thing after she uses it, she’s just going to leave it on the basin. Then you have to spend time trying to clean it up, so no, she must just stick to using her things.