I think it was the Pussy Cat Girls that said, 'Be careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it'.

Maybe not originally, but they were the ones to say it in an annoyingly catchy pop song so they sort of deserve the credit. Why am I referencing such a thing you may ask? Well it is that time of year where people get very sentimental and motivated to do 'great things’ with New Years resolutions.

New Years resolutions are wonderful things generally conceived with alcohol, but they never really live past the hangovers that result from the consumption of said alcohol.

The Pussy Cat Dolls said you may get what you wished for though, so why not get serious about the changes you want to make this new year?

Be realistic

Now I’m not pooh poohing the concept of making some changes in your life at the start of the year for the better. Just be reasonable, that’s all.

If you are riddled with debt, the goal is to find a way of managing that bit by bit, rather that making a vision board filled with supercars and flashy wrist watches. If you have let yourself go a bit in the fitness stakes, focus on what activities and exercises you are going to do to change that rather than thinking a rock hard rippling 6 pack is the goal.

If something seems daunting, there is a great chance you are going to fall short. We live increasingly busy lives nowadays, and many long days at work end up on the couch with a drink to take the edge off. That’s life.

However with manageable ‘resolutions’ in place, you will feel like you can improve your life bit by bit as you go along, and when that happens you develop good habits that you can actually hold onto.

The one thing rule

It’s obviously not going to be all plain sailing, but to get started try change one thing in every aspect of life that you feel will make a difference.

So when it comes to food, make that one thing around portion control for example, adding the odd salad to the menu, adding more fruit and veg. Cutting back on things you know are bad for you also helps. None of this is rocket science, it’s pure application.

Always have a next step

The ‘one thing rule’ is a great start, but progress in anything is always about the next step. Take the lessons from you initial changes, and realistically improve upon them. This can actually be a lot more fun than it sounds, and thinking about the next steps will ensure you stay on the road to whatever greatness you are focused on.

Surround yourself with your goals

While assessing yourself at this time of year, perhaps its also a time to assess the people you spend your time with. If you want to lose weight, perhaps spending a bit more time around some more outdoorsy/athletic type people is a good call.

We all have bad influences in our lives, but as you get a little older you may have just become used to them and settled with them. This is a tough thing to consider and I’m not saying you need to disown friends and family, but if you aren’t happy about aspects of your life, some fresh influences will make a difference.

Whether it’s spending a bit more social time with work colleagues or reconnecting with old friends, give it a try as it may assist your progress.

Reward yourself

There is no point making change in your life for the better if you aren’t going to reward yourself. Rewards reinforce goals and make them easier to stick to, we are after all simple beings that respond well to incentives.

Using weight loss/getting in shape as an example, perhaps you link this to an exotic beach holiday for next summer. Then you really get to enjoy being in shape as you are somewhere really cool.

Don’t just get a new car, make it the finish line to you consolidating your debt, or building up a savings. What ever the reward, you will enjoy it so much more knowing you bettered your life in the process of getting to it.

So go on, make some wishes, because you just might get it this year.