The fitness challenge - your new friend.

You know what gyms really want out of their members? To never use the gym. It’s true, if you don’t go to the gym, but remain a paying member they can then sell more memberships to more people who will also hopefully not use the facilities but still pay the subs.

It would be a disaster if every member of a certain gym had to show up for a workout on the same day, but it won’t happen. That’s because we can never really stay disciplined enough to stick to our workout plans.

Don’t feel bad about it, we all fall off the wagon for some or other reason. Then we have grand ideas of coming back better than ever before, but those plans also soon die off. There is no mystery behind this. Life is tough, jobs are demanding, winter’s are cold, children are even more demanding, and some days you just want 3 or 4 beers.

We need something that is going to keep us in the fitness game, and I have the solution.

The time honored fitness challenge. Your new friend.

There are many ways to get in shape, be your best, get ripped and all that, so the fitness challenge can be whatever you want it to be.

If it is to run 5 kms Monday to Friday for the next 4 weeks, so be it. If it is to lose 5kgs in a month, that’s also cool. But I urge you to make it a little more special than that, and here’s why.

Create a tangible exercise plan

When you casually go about exercise, you can casually just stop too. But when something is defined like a fitness challenge, you become committed, and will stay the course as your objectives are clear.

New plan, new results

Our bodies seem to always work on getting slower, getting used to things in order to expel the least amount of energy for tasks, and to ultimately be average. We need to fight this, keep the body guessing, and push ourselves in different ways. By taking on a fitness challenge with new demands, you will see better results while reaching new milestones.

Create excitement around exercise

When you put the above elements in play, you start to get really excited about exercise again. That very excitement keeps you in the game so to speak, and ultimately pushes you to do even better going forward. It also adds a great deal of fresh positivity to everyday life, and who doesn’t need that!

Learn something new

When we stop learning in life, we stop growing. When you try new fitness challenges you are doing things you need to learn about so are therefore benefitting both body and mind. Improved interest in things also makes you more interesting in life, so you then may even meet new people, and go to different places. You will have more to talk about at dinner parties, office situations, and with your friends. We don’t think of these things, but they are all positives to harness.

Stay young

Exercise keeps you younger for longer, so it has to be an element of your life. Getting old is dreadful as old people are frail and weak. Therefore the longer you stay fit and strong with engaging fitness challenges, the longer it will take before you think about heading into a care home, wearing adult nappies, or needing assistance to walk.

Okay, that last feature may be a little extreme, but line the fitness challenges up, learn new things, and be the best you can be at every age from here on in.

Like I said, there are a multitude of exciting exercise programmes out there. You can access these online, or join a new specialist gym, join a running club, a yoga studio… the choices are endless. Just like the benefits.

In closing, here are some final thoughts around your fitness challenge.

Try a duration of 12 weeks

It’s not too daunting, but long enough to see some decent results.

Make it public

Tell people what you are doing, put it out there in social media. Hard to quit when people know about it.

Involve professionals

Whether its choosing a personal trainer at your existing, or a niche gym specializing in a certain kind of workout, the professional assistance will really help in getting you into peak performance physically and mentally. From there you can do you own things with other challenges, but these trained individuals can give you a terrific grounding and understanding of things.

Have a reward

Get your 12 weeks to finish at something meaningful, like a holiday, your birthday, or a special event. Something like this will just up the motivation, and you really can’t get enough of that while getting into shape.

Best of luck.