A savings/investment plan


Rich or poor, every month you need to be putting money away. This is one of those non-negotiable things in life, so that is why it appears at the top of this piece.

Putting money away isn’t just about retirement, it is just a smart way of dealing with money. If you save it wisely it can also appreciate, providing you with lifestyle options in future.

Options is a key word here, because when you have no money in life, you have no options. This is why people get stuck in jobs and in debt. Keep putting the cash into worthwhile things early on, and then you may have a handy amount to invest in something meaningful at some stage, or simply provide you with a ‘fuck you fund’. That’s a fund that enables you to say ‘fuck you’ to a horrible boss while you take some time out to reassess your career trajectory.

An exercise plan


We all want to look good, and that will only come from exercising regularly. Forever.

There is literally no excuse not to do so, especially the one where you think you don’t have the time to work out. As you get older, your physical health comes more into the spotlight, so making time is another non-negotiable

Exercise gives your day greater meaning, builds confidence, helps you deal with stress and slows the aging process. There is no down side, and with exercise new interests can pop up providing fun things to do away from work with people you enjoy the company of.

A philanthropic cause


You may never be a Bill Gates in this regard, but creating or doing something for others is an important part of life. It isn’t always about giving money, a little bit of your time can often make a bigger difference.

Whether it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen, collecting blankets for the homeless in winter, delivering toys to children in hospital, or even playing board games at an old age home with people that may not have family to visit them anymore, you will be amazed how mutually rewarding it is.

We all know this world would be a better place if everyone made a little effort for others in life.

A best friend (other than your partner)


Growing up we have lots of friends, bit by bit they fall away as life progresses towards career, marriage, and starting a family of your own. It’s important to keep your close friends though.

You need to have a ‘checker’ in life, someone that knows you and knows what you are about. So when it comes to making a big decision, dealing with challenges, or just having beers with, a best friend other than your partner is someone that can keep you centered in life, and remind you of all the things you have always been about.

A travel list


Forget about the cliched bucket list, when you never put a time limit to things and just assume you will get to it one day. You never will. Make something much more tangible, and create travel lists with realistic time frames.

Nothing broadens you as a person more than travel, and creates life long memories. Experiencing cultures and getting out of your comfort zone is something that must become part of life, rather than be a once in a while luxury.

Something on the side


Gone are the days of working in one job until your retire. That is how you become old and boring, and in uncertain financial times, perhaps even poor.

Whether you team up with friends/family, or start something by yourself, an additional revenue stream is more than a worthwhile endeavor.

It doesn’t have to be anything huge, just something to provide some extra stimulus and perhaps even be a creative outlet for you. With the internet being what it is nowadays, side projects are more possible than ever.

An appreciation for your face


The old saying of putting your best foot forward doesn’t make much sense. It’s your face that is the only thing you put forward in life and so it should be treated well.

Regardless of what you think of your appearance, looking after your face is something that all men need to prioritize. So put some effort into grooming, take care of your teeth, occasionally exfoliate along with daily washing of your face and be sure to moisturize.

You go outdoors a lot? Make sure you have some decent sunblock at all times.

Getting old is a dreadful reality for us all to wrestle with, but by taking care of yourself it will be a lot more bearable in the long term, and will say a lot about you in every sense.